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Movies Made in Spain Quiz

Movies Made in Spain is a non-profit making, educational project to promote cinema tourism in Spain and to explore the effects of and reasons for so many international films being made here.

Your students can find the answers to these question on the web site. To check if your answers are correct, e mail

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1 Where did Spielberg build a World War II prisoner of war camp? (1987)

2 In which Lauren Bacall film does Granada province represent India? (1959)

3 In which Yul Brynner film does Zaragoza represent Egypt? (1959)

4 Where did Cary Grant find a Spanish guerrilla headquarters? (1957)

5 Which town represents Troy in a Katherine Hepburn film? (1971)

6 Which Spanish castle represents Istanbul and appears in Game of Thrones? (1986)

7 Which Spanish city was Berlin in The Battle of Britain? (1969)

8 Which Spanish castle was Camelot? (1967)

9 Which house, rented by John Lennon, is now a museum? (1966)

10 Which Spanish castle appears in the cartoon version of Lord of the Rings? (1978)

11 Which town, destroyed in the Spanish Civil War, was used in a Spiderman film? (2019)

12 In which castle did Al Pacino invite Adam Sandler to supper? (2011)

13 In which Spanish city did Johnny Depp visit a bookshop? (1999)

14 Which town was Nottingham in a film with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn? (1976)

15 In which bullring did Dwayne Johnson fight a bull? (2021)

16 Which Spanish castle can be seen behind Orlando Bloom’s French home in a film about the Crusades? (2005)

17 Which Spanish monument appears in a Star Wars film? (2002)

18 Which town did Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman march through as prisoners? (1993)

19 Which bridge did a French serial killer cross? (2006)

20 Which Spanish museum appears in a James Bond film? (1999)