Movies (and Series) Made in Spain

Movies (and Series) Made in Spain









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900+ English Language Movies & Series Made in Spain.

Orson Welles used to say that Spain isn’t so much a country as a continent, due to its wide variety of unspoilt scenery, which is why he made so many films in Spain.

Cinema tourism (set-jetting) is a booming industry, as the hotels and restaurants of New Zealand will happily tell you after the deluge of visitors wanting to see where ‘Lord of the Rings’ was made.

This web site contains articles about the locations used in more than 900 English language films and TV series (although some are partly in Spanish) made wholly or partly in Spain, as well as TV series, and it has been published to promote the Spanish tourism and cinema industries.

Part of the project is Pueblos de Película, a series of talks, usually involving other authors and experts, designed to promote the towns and villages where the films were made.

I have lived in Spain since 1981, and this project is my thank you to my host country. It would not have been possible without the unselfish help of many people who have taken the time to provide information when they probably had far more important things to do. Their contributions have been recognised throughout.

There are few important directors or actors that have not filmed in Spain, (Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracey didn’t, although both Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn did) creating a cinematic heritage here which may explain why Spanish actors and directors are so successful today.

The project attempts to show where different scenes were shot, which famous monuments were used, where the stars stayed and what amusing anecdotes are still told by thousands of Spanish extras.

Hopefully the project will help attract a more culturally demanding visitor to Spain, reducing the excessive dependence on sun, sand and sangria; although everyone has the right to a little relaxation.

The project is a never-ending story; new films are being made all the time and new information comes to light. However, at some point all this needs to be made available.

This is a non-profit making project and no financing has been received or solicited.

Technical details, casts etc about the films are easily available on and are therefore not repeated here.

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